In the last few years, there has been so much noise about how Bitcoin has come to stay or how Bitcoin is the future of payment methods. Express Bitcoin Postage believes firmly in this and therefore the organization have staked its business model on Bitcoin. There is simply no other means of buying postage label or USPS stamp form Express Bitcoin Postage without having Bitcoin. In reality, however, for the above prediction to come true, certain basic infrastructure has to be in place.

Take the early days of ATM banking, from the 1960s up to the late 1970s for example. Imagine that the banks deployed thousands of ATMs only without issuing commensurate volume of cards to their customers to access the machines with. The system will fail due to low or zero patronage. This is exactly the sort of juncture we are in today with Bitcoin.

Despite the buzz about Bitcoin during the phenomenal growth of cryptocurrencies in 2017, most people do not own Bitcoin just yet. A fair number of the people who presently do not own Bitcoin would not mind having a little, if they could find where to buy Bitcoin. It is unbelievable that the issue of access to Bitcoin is yet to be solved in 2018. Although Bitcoin to USD is easily interchangeable on many crypto exchanges online, however, willing sellers are hard to come by as many holders still treat Bitcoin as an investment item rather than a medium of exchange. There are a few places to access Bitcoin though and more players are coming on board daily.

How to Buy Bitcoin In the Future

Bitcoin ATMs – these terminals accept fiat currency and credit your e-wallet with Bitcoin at the prevailing conversion rate of Bitcoin price USD. As at today, there are over 3,500 Bitcoin ATMs deployed worldwide. Compared to 3.5 million Cash ATMs in operation, there is still a lot of ground to cover.

IMTOs as dispensers – However we review it, International Money Transfer Operators are right in the line of fire as cryptocurrencies take over the international payment market. The major IMTOs like Moneygram, Western Union and so on risk going into oblivion if they do not act fast. This international companies with global agent networks can be Bitcoin retailers or exchanges. It goes along with their current line of business and will surely remove the risk of disruption to their existing business by integrating the new technology.

Postal Services – before emails and search engines, there was USPS, the United States Postal Services. Then Yahoo and Google shot to USD 32 Billion and USD 739 Billion on the back of email and search engine! USPS is currently grappling with a major debt crisis. With USPS fantastic network of physical locations across the United States, it should be involved in retailing Bitcoins. There is a handy model already as people have patronized USPS for ages to buy money order. Same way the company can become a leading Bitcoin exchange or retailer.

Retailers – the top retailers like Tesco in the UK, Target in America or even Amazon, the online retail giant can partner with existing Bitcoin exchanges to sell Bitcoin.

The suggestions above, when fully acted upon, will exponentially increase the number of people who have access to Bitcoin. This will invariably dovetail to potentially increase the Express Bitcoin Postage client base and it is anybody’s guess what bigger achievement is to come thereafter.