Overview of the Postage Landscape

Although cryptocurrencies have been in existence for around ten years, many potential ways of usefulness are still being designed and realized. Today, more and more real life transactions are now paid for with Bitcoin and the other over one hundred cryptocurrencies available. From 2013 and steadily on till the beginning of 2018, payment for shipments with cryptocurrency has gained ground. During this period, Express Bitcoin Postage has began accepting payments in Bitcoin for local and international shipping for service companies like FedEx, USPS, Priority Express etc.

Bitcoin postage has come to stay as in general. You can now buy United States postage with Bitcoin. Yet, these are only part examples of how Bitcoin is being used for everyday purchases. Considering its success thus far, it is reasonable to expect Bitcoin to become an internationally acceptable means of exchange in the foreseeable future.

Many pioneering companies are developing innovative applications for which cryptocurrencies will be the functional form of payment. Service companies, retail stores, and even restaurants are all slowly but steadily entering into the crypto market. All of these companies have to receive their goods via a shipment.

Introducing Express Bitcoin Postage

A fast growing player in the market, Express Bitcoin Postage, supports international shipping from China and Hong Kong to the rest of the world, and vice versa. The services also cover intra United States shipping as well as international shipping from the US and worldwide. As global postage and parcel delivery remain on the growth path, Express Bitcoin Postage intends to transform the landscape by drawing more consumers and businesses to the innovative way to purchase their postage using their cryptocurrency wallets.

With Express Bitcoin Postage, the client is king, therefore, users have control over what they are paying for. To begin with, users are allowed to determine the type of package they prefer, either envelope/parcel or a flat rate box provided by the carrier. Users can also print and reprint their postage as many times as needed provided only one is mailed eventually.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Postage

When sending a package in the real world, you have to physically go to an entity such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) or a Courier Service to pay for postage with fiat money and then hand over your parcel to them. With Express Bitcoin Postage, you can purchase postage from the convenience of your home or office, print it, and just simply mail it.

Visit the Express Bitcoin Postage website to fill out the purchase form. Enter the dimensions and weight of your parcel (i.e. package type, length, width and weight), details of the location you are sending from and destination you are sending to. Then click on the “Get Rates” icon to go to the payment section to complete your purchase.

Required Tools for Self-Use

Basic Printer – For you to complete the purchase of postage from your home or office, you will need to have a printer with the capacity to print out the postage label or stamp as the postage has to be available in physical form for you to append on your physical package before mailing. Print out the label immediately after purchase and unless you are the rare type who still boldly displays an archaic inkjet type printer in the office, most modern printers are capable of printing the label. Honestly if you’ve gotten this far and are reading this, a printer issue probably won’t stop you.

Once you have printed the label, attach it to the package and mail it afterwards.

Bitcoin Wallet – Most holders of Bitcoin own a BTC Wallet. Clients will therefore be expected to have an understanding of how to make payment with Bitcoin. Ensure to review the payment process on the Express Bitcoin Postage website before proceeding to make payment to forestall undue errors or loss. In case of any potential failed orders or transactions, we have a full 100% refund policy. If you never received a label, we’ll send you back the coins immediately upon receipt of ticket to an address of your choosing. However if you did receive a label, we will first have to confirm with the carrier to make sure that the package was never mailed, which can take several days. Either way, you can always receive a 100% refund.


Please don’t be stupid. In the real world, local and international laws still apply to shipping and there is no escaping this even with the anonymity of the blockchain system. There are fundamental laws guiding international trade and this covers prohibition of: controlled substances, live cargo, hazardous materials, liquids, illegal items etc. For this reason, certain information about the packages will still be necessary to fulfill international regulatory requirements as well as country-specific regulations of the countries of origin and destination. Therefore, any information required by Customs has to be provided as accurately as possible as failure or inadequacy of information may lead to your package being returned or confiscated with the added risk of legal action taken against you.

On a Final Note

As cryptocurrency is the future and Bitcoin is its driving force, Express Bitcoin Postage promises to continue to offer you speedy shipping, a convenient and secure payment platform, as well as privacy.