BITCOIN postage

From the introduction of cryptocurrencies to the world economy till date, the crypto market has experienced an unsteady yet rapid progress, slipping into every area of the global market. Corporate organizations as well as individuals are becoming more inclined to try out this innovative and versatile means of exchange instead of the more traditional physical money or fiat. As a matter of fact, some economic analysts have proposed that in no distant time, a good chunk of the world’s economy will tag along with this fast developing new world of digital currency.

The Global shipping and logistics industry is not left behind in the adoption of Bitcoin for their operations, as individuals and corporate organizations can now mail packages, buy stamps, do parcel delivery and much more using Bitcoins. A valuable platform for carrying out all these activities while paying with Bitcoin has been provided by the Express Bitcoin Postage website.

Express Bitcoin Postage Platform

The Express Bitcoin Postage website offers shipment of items from anywhere within and outside the United States of America. Shipment of parcels can be made to various parts of China, Hong Kong and as well as all over the world in a fast and convenient way with payment made using Bitcoin.

However, to get started on this platform, clients have to ensure that they already possess a Bitcoin wallet. Once this is in check, the next step is to log-in to the Express Bitcoin Postage website to fill out the form appropriately. In addition to this, all forms of shipping processes, the purchase and printing of labels inclusive; can be done anywhere even from the comfort of your home rather than via a USPS location.

Features of Express Bitcoin Postage

Express Bitcoin Postage has been designed for maximum convenience as can be attested to in some of its features detailed below:

Opening of account on the Express Bitcoin Postage website is not mandatory. All that is needed is for users to go to the website and provide all the necessary shipping label information needed.

Shipment can be done internationally from the United States of America and this includes to China, Hong Kong and indeed to most places around the world, and vice versa. You can ship packages from Hong Kong to the United States.

Transactions and personal data are secured as this delivery platform is PCI-DSS compliant.

This shipment website has gathered for itself a team of professional, friendly and supportive customer support staff to ensure any form of challenges experienced when using this website is tackled and handled timely and properly. Our goals are simple: We will either ensure 100% satisfaction, or, issue a refund and fix the problem. We have a team of programmers that are constantly making improvements and implementing suggestions.

You can purchase and print out your own label with the use of any good and modern home printer. Even better, you can print out multiple labels.

In Conclusion

The cryptocurrency world is evolving daily and paying with Bitcoin via Express Bitcoin Postage is the right step for your mail and parcel delivery as efficiency, security and safe delivery is guaranteed. Let Express Bitcoin Postage move you in the right direction with a fast, simple and convenient way to ship parcels, mail items and packages. Log on to the Express Bitcoin Postage website here and take charge of your own courier and logistic needs to your utmost satisfaction.